Using LED Outdoor Lighting to Create an Outdoor Oasis and Increase Your Home’s Market Value.

1. How can LED landscape lighting enhance my home’s curb appeal and increase its value?

Your home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. Once you have planted flowers, mowed your lawn and added the porch or patio of your dreams, your work outside is done, right? No, there is one more “must do” project – you need to show off your home with LED landscaping lighting!

The right lighting solution can extend the time you spend outside enjoying your property with friends and family members. In a potential buyer’s eyes, a functional, fabulous front yard and backyard equals more usable living space.

2. Can LED outdoor lighting help attract buyers if you plan to sell your home?

Absolutely! Many real estate showings take place in the evenings, so not only will they see all of the care and beautiful details you put into creating an outdoor living space, an LED landscape lighting solution will make them shine. Consider this scenario…you and your neighbour are selling your homes. Each home is the same size with the same layout. Both homes have professional landscaping, a pool and a patio. Your front and back yards are accented with post lights, LED step lights, garden lighting and low voltage LED outdoor lighting around the pool. Your neighbour does not have any outdoor lighting, so they can only enjoy the space before the sun goes down. Which property do you think buyers will choose?

3. How can LED outdoor lighting make an outdoor space functional and inviting?

Simply stated, it is hard to use the outside of your property as additional living space, especially in the evenings, if you do not have a backyard lighting solution. That patio perfect for entertaining that you worked so hard to build or design is pitch black at night (and cannot be used) if you do not illuminate it. What if you’re ready to showcase your home with LED landscape lighting, but are not sure what you need or where you start? With so many options, like garden lighting, patio lighting, pathway lighting, outdoor pendant lighting, spotlight design and more, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Our team of lighting experts provides a free at-home consultation to help you navigate through the choices, and design the right solution for you and your home.

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