How LED Outdoor Lighting Makes Your Home Safer, and Reduces Your Utility Bills.

1. Is low voltage LED outdoor lighting safe for customers with children and/or pets?

As much as you want to enjoy your gardens, patio or pool in the evenings, you do not want your backyard lighting to be the reason a family member, friend or pet gets hurt. The thought of a young child burning their fingers because they touched your patio lighting or post lights is awful!

Many customers ask us what we do to ensure that our LED landscaping lighting products and solutions are safe for pets and people of all ages. Firstly, every LED outdoor lighting product we sell is 110v or lower; this keeps our customers safe from a possible fire or electric shock.

The plastic covers on every light we carry does not conduct heat, and the glass and metal parts of the light are in no danger or overheating or burning because LED bulbs also do not conduct heat. Our products are designed to stay cool, even when curious hands or paws touch them!

2. How has lighting technology changed over time?

Exterior illumination technology has shifted from halogen lighting to LED low voltage lighting. Halogen lights must be replaced every season (800-1,200 hours) whereas LED lights last for 50,000-60,000 hours. Not only is LED outdoor lighting more cost effective, it is also less labour intensive.

LED lights use 75% less electricity than halogen lights, which significantly reduces utility bills.

Due to lower voltage levels in LED outdoor lighting, when compared to halogen lighting, you can safely have more outdoor light fixtures (resulting in more overall illumination) than ever before!

3. How does LED outdoor lighting make your home safer?  

Pathway lighting, patio lighting, garden lighting and outdoor pendant lighting can make it much easier to see and walk around your yard, especially at night. It is important to install LED step lights near stairs to help prevent injuries like falling or twisting an ankle.

LED landscaping lighting can also reduce the risk of people slipping or falling near your property (and suing you for damages). An illuminated yard also acts as a crime deterrent, especially robberies.

4. How can I maintain the LED landscaping lighting in my yard?

LED outdoor lighting requires much less maintenance than halogen lighting. However, we recommend making a small investment in your backyard lighting solution to make it last for years to come.

Our maintenance plans offer peace of mind. Check out our affordable Pro-Plans, and choose the right one for you; you’ll never have to worry about replacing lights, switches, wiring or equipment.